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Music Ministry

Music Ministry

Music Department

Old Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church

Our Vision

To fully support the vision of Old Pilgrim Missionary Baptist. Teach, train and transform lives through music, for Kingdom Building. Allowing Spiritual Songs to become a comfort as we grow and fellowship with others.


Our Goal:

  • To have no less than 80% participation from each member of the music department.
  • To install a praise team to provide music when the choir is not available.
  • Commit to fully support all ministries.
  • Attend trainings designed to help with growth in fellowship with God and growth in discipleship and witnessing.
  • Support the pastor.
  • Provide music when requested from other ministries and families.
  • To encourage members to join the music department.
  • Contribute financially to the growth of the church.


Three ways we will make it happen.

Hebrew 11: 1-9.

Now faith, By faith and through faith.


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